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U: Up to us

Surviving the first, currently suffering in the second and raring to go in the third wave of this pandemic

So in the first wave I was like stay indoors, you’d be fine…eat aplenty and enjoy the company …I mean it’s only a month right and those first few cases should pass. Life should soon be coming back to normal. The only thing that became normal was doing everything at home which was tedious to say the least. Work from home, dine at home, live within the confines of those 4 walls, see the same faces and have the same old conversations( worst being “what are we going to make/eat today” ) it was like every day was on repeat with the incidental melodrama.

Apart from the mundanity and the occasional drama, I saw my kid move from crawling to walking then running and now jumping and dancing and doing all sorts of things( some firsts I thought I would miss). On the contrary, I got to see it all and be a part of all those fun moments thanks to the this whole situation. Time flies but it’s been over a year now and when things seemed to be slowly improving, and the number of cases were declining…. a sudden surge has now caused resources to be in short supply, hospital facilities being overwhelmed, the medical community being exhausted and we’re worse off than when the whole pandemic first began.

Penning down some lines that came to mind…

Survived the first wave

Lived unscathed

Going through the second wave

Got punched in the face

Third wave

A storm we all will need to brave

So wash your hands well, mask up and get vaccinated ( vaccine registration link) and live to tell the tale et all

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