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Travel (by local train) shenanigans

Started the journey a tad late today and since I catch the slow...bound to get a bit of footfall...so there's gotta be a scene or two in the ladies compartment right You know that you're around a loud mouth when the smallest thing irks sparks and if two people happen to be loudmouths then fire.… Continue reading Travel (by local train) shenanigans

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Fuel to fire ( short poem)

Feed into their desires, they say But won't that just feed the fire in a way Making them burn higher Water away, then we must Or direct our path away from the dust Which seems feasable Until they follow along and burn it all away The content of this post is © and belongs to Raunica Kaur… Continue reading Fuel to fire ( short poem)

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It’s that time of year again! ( New year Poetry)

( suggestions for title please... wasn't able to come up with a more suitable one) Hey where are you off to so late at night, Just to my friends for its my right ! But its too late dear, go tomorrow for I fear Don't worry ma, I am all but near ok if thats… Continue reading It’s that time of year again! ( New year Poetry)

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Distraction Chimes- poem

I was being productive Getting some work done, unobstructed Till this thing chimed For the dozenth time Held it for a quick glance All it wanted was a chance Gave it some attention Till it demanded a huge fraction Time went on Soon I was gone Into this world of advertising Videos and snippets that… Continue reading Distraction Chimes- poem

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Paints paints everywhere- Poem

Paints paints everywhereNot a moment to spare The fun they have while their hands are green,is nothing like when they're clean "Give me all the colors and more"Looks like they're keeping scoreWants it all till the tubes are empty,and then he asks "why won't you give me plenty ?" You've already got it all over… Continue reading Paints paints everywhere- Poem

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Leading by example- Teaching our kids to do better by being better

My kiddo loves helping out especially with the household chores but not because I taught him that, but because he saw me doing it and wanted a piece of the action even if it was just taking the laundry to the washing machine. Honestly, I let him help out to keep him occupied... because how… Continue reading Leading by example- Teaching our kids to do better by being better