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Divorce, a complete stigma!

Why...why...can't someone get a divorce without being judged! I'm sure they have their reasons and even if they don't, it's their life and their decision. Let them be! I personally feel that referring someone as that divorcees kid or parents of the divorcee or the divorced lady/man of Elm street (for example) is so unfair.… Continue reading Divorce, a complete stigma!

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Our 5 Star staycation in Mumbai

It was mid November 2020 when we decided to splurge on 5 star stay in Mumbai. It was a split between Taj Palace at Gateway of India or Trident at Nariman point. You might wonder which we chose and my overall experience with a toddler on our first staycation amid a pandemic. I must say… Continue reading Our 5 Star staycation in Mumbai

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Blast from the past!

So this recent privacy policy update from "whatsapp" ( a popular messaging/ video calling service in case you don't know about it) made me rethink or probably consider finding an alternative ( like everyone else in the world probably did) in case they start sharing personal information or even worse misused our data or conversations.… Continue reading Blast from the past!

Thinking out loud

Place of Worship vandalism, Why?

So I came across this news article on a temple vandalism by an angry mob. (Not getting into specifics of the religion or why were those actions taken) . For a few moments i was enraged and vindictive and even contemplated how such a situation could have probably been handled with aggression but for some… Continue reading Place of Worship vandalism, Why?

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Online Playschool Admission, enroll my Kid?

So if your in India, you'd know that once parents have delivered their baby or some even, while their still pregnant book their child's school seat years in advance (probably even pay the fees). I think I am probably to late to catch that train but as far as Covid is concerned I think I… Continue reading Online Playschool Admission, enroll my Kid?


The unintentional poop-cake, I mean cupcake

So you're probably wondering whaaatt!....just see the image for yourself and tell me otherwise So this was definitely not what I had in mind when I was making some chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting and definitely not the intended color nor the style of piping for the frosting, but this is what happens when… Continue reading The unintentional poop-cake, I mean cupcake