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Job hunting in these menacing times

Anyone lost a job recently? Well I am about to. Kinda serving the obligatory notice period. Its unfortunate what this pandemic had brought about. Its not just jobs, people are loosing a lot more, their livelihood, their sanity, not to mention their well being (health) is taking a beating. In my case other than the… Continue reading Job hunting in these menacing times

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Getting my kid to sleep!

Motherhood is new to me (my kid turned a year old a few months back) so if your looking for expert advice, this is not the post for you but if you want to know about another parent's experience sailing in the same boat ....go on reading. My kid is mostly a good sleeper but… Continue reading Getting my kid to sleep!


Brinjal (aubergine/eggplant) pan fried chips

Brinjal or baigan( as we call it in Hindi) the humble, oblong purple ( sometimes white or purple green stripes) vegetable that tastes great when steamed, fried, baked stuffed or sauteed ( that's true for a lot of other vegetables too) but today's post is dedicated to one of my favorite ways of cooking this… Continue reading Brinjal (aubergine/eggplant) pan fried chips

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“Reface” creating face swap videos!

Ever wondered how your face would look on Hulk( probably not), maybe Shakira or Tom Cruise ( if you so fancy). What about how you'd look performing Michael Jackson's dance moves ( moon walking? .....interesting!). Well now you can do it on "REFACE". It's so within 5 minutes I swapped my face on about… Continue reading “Reface” creating face swap videos!

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Why do we Mothers put so much pressure on ourselves!

It's not really a question...more like a rhetorical one I guess. I mean why do we put our selves through so much unnecessary banter when we could just as easily let go and be happy. I'm sure all mum's can relate, for example when others talk about the age when their child started crawling, walking… Continue reading Why do we Mothers put so much pressure on ourselves!

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LinkedIn for Job-hunting, sharing my experience

LinkedIn LinkedIn is a great way to connect with industry leaders and peers no matter their domain. There was a time when I was desperately looking for a job and I pretty much spent hours on ,, and even ( haven't used it recently) portal for finding the next gig. I… Continue reading LinkedIn for Job-hunting, sharing my experience

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Bloggers (writers) block already. I’m not giving up!

Just a few posts in and I am already contemplating that this is something that is going to be hard to do. I read a few other bloggers posts on how they manage their flow of creativity and keep up appearances so to say. I mean with the advent of social media its not just… Continue reading Bloggers (writers) block already. I’m not giving up!